Demystifying the exciting world of sex parties


Ms. Blue said. She also wrote a book on play-party etiquette. “Consent is the cornerstone of any well-produced, healthy and fun sex party,” she said. “This makes it safer and more fun than an average nightclub on any given day.”

Polyamory Works for Them

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Effy has become a polyamorous-identified sex educator and relationship coach who prides herself on her party prep. “preparing with your stuff allows you to prepare mentally.” she says.

Here’s What 7 People Actually Bring to Sex Parties

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“Don’t be the person to break up the orgy,” says sex and relationship coach Effy Blue. Blue has developed a device to ensure guest safety as well as enjoyment.

How not to blow your first orgy

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Besides being FUN, sex parties are the perfect place to explore your sexuality, meet like-minded people, and be immersed in consent culture. But they can be tricky to navigate.

This book, written by relationship coach Effy Blue, with an all-femme advisor team, will address all the questions dancing in your head:

  • How do I find a party?
  • How do I prepare?
  • What do I wear?
  • What about hygiene and health?
  • And much more 😉

Play Party Etiquette